gray hairless body and glowing eyes Dover Demon photo

The Dover Demon is one of the most bizarre and mysterious cryptids ever recorded. This peculiar creature was spotted several times over a week in April 1977 in the town of Dover, Massachusetts. The odd encounters left witnesses puzzled over what they had seen, sparking endless debate and speculation amongst paranormal enthusiasts.

This article will dive into the eyewitness accounts of the Dover Demon, theories surrounding its nature and origins, the creature’s enduring legacy as a strange unexplained phenomenon, and how it compares to a similar cryptid known as the Rake.

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Initial Sightings of the Peculiar Creature

On April 21st, 1977, the first publicly documented sighting of the Dover Demon occurred when a teenager named Bill Bartlett spotted an extremely bizarre creature while driving late at night. According to Bartlett:

  • He witnessed a strange figure walking near the road which seemed to have glowing eyes
  • As he got closer, he described it as a hairless creature that stood at around 4 feet tall with long limbs and fingers
  • The head was disproportionately large compared to the slender body
  • The skin color appeared grayish and textured
  • Bartlett was left startled and puzzled over what he had witnessed

Just a few hours later, John Baxter reported seeing a similar creature while walking home late at night. Baxter provided further confirmation that something truly unnatural was lurking in Dover.

On April 25th, the final publicly known sighting occurred when 15-year-old Abby Brabham spotted the Dover Demon sitting on a wall outside her parent’s home. Again, a creature matching descriptions from previous encounters was seen and then disappeared without explanation.

Debate & Speculation on the Origin and Nature of the Demon

is Doveer Demon an alien

These strange encounters left the town of Dover mystified over what became known as the Dover Demon. Explanations ranged from a demon or extraterrestrial visitor to a deformed or mutated human child.

Some cryptozoologists speculated that the Demon could be:

  • An alien that traveled to explore Earth
  • An inter-dimensional being able to shift between realities
  • An elemental spirit manifesting physically
  • Simply an odd aberration of nature rather than a new creature species

Without any further sightings, photographic proof, or physical evidence, the debate rages on over what the eyewitnesses encountered in those few days in April 1977 near Dover.

Skeptics argue there must be some rational explanation behind the sightings, but proponents of the paranormal point to just how consistently bizarre and abnormal the creature appeared across multiple sightings. The creature’s origins and nature may forever remain an intriguing mystery.

Reexamining the Bizarre Encounters

Dover Demon and the Rake photo

Looking back at the three sightings, the creature spotted shared extremely similar and equally peculiar characteristics across all accounts:

  • Glowing eyes – All witnesses described luminous, oval shaped eyes
  • Over-sized head – The head was much larger compared to the thin, fragile body frame
  • Hairless gray skin – Smooth, hairless skin reminiscent of a gray alien
  • Long limbs & digits – Disproportionately long arms, legs, fingers & toes stood out
  • Low stature – The creature stood roughly 3 to 4 feet tall
  • Emaciated frame – Little muscle mass or body fat on a very slender frame

These consistently bizarre attributes matched across all eyewitness reports continue to fuel speculation over the creature’s origin. Some radical theories suggest the Dover Demon was a “grays” alien evaluating Earth, an inter-dimensional traveler, or even a demon manifesting physically.

More skeptical analysts contend it was a deformed or injured animal. But the vast majority of cryptozoologists believe it was either an extraordinary new species or a cryptid with supernatural origins. There is simply no strong analogous explanation for what was repeatedly witnessed.

The Legacy and Mystery of the Dover Demon

The odd encounters in April 1977 left an enduring legend surrounding the Dover Demon. The consistent eyewitness accounts of this creature remain among the most perplexing and confounding in cryptozoological history.

Without further evidence, the brief appearance of such an abnormal entity may remain a mystery. But it continues to inspire interest and debate within the paranormal community. Many return to analyzing the fine details of the accounts, proposing explanatory theories, and wondering if the creature will ever appear again.

The Dover Demon has cemented its place as one of the most fascinating and iconic cryptids encountered, prompting continued analysis into this perplexing mystery.

Is the Dover Demon the Same as the Rake?

the rake monster photo humanoid bipedal cryptid sighted in Northeast US

There are distinct similarities and differences between these two humanoid cryptids:


  • Both are described as emaciated, slender bipeds
  • Large heads disproportionate to their bodies
  • Grayish skin tones
  • Glowing eyes / no discernible nose, ears or mouth
  • Generally avoid direct confrontation
  • Briefly witnessed only for a few days before disappearing
  • No confirmed photos yet consistent witness accounts


  • Location – The Rake tends to appear in southern US while Dover Demon in northeast
  • Height – The Rake is often 7+ feet tall while the Dover Demon less than 4 feet
  • Limbs – Rake has normal humanoid limbs vs DD’s long, thin digits
  • Origins – Rake potentially a legendary creature vs DD as extraterrestrial

So while their physical description bears some resemblances, their preferred habitat and theorized origins differ significantly. The Rake aligns more to mythological creatures while the Dover Demon has distinctly non-human features, supporting paranormal explanations.

Ultimately there remains great uncertainty over both humanoids, with their nature and origins yet to be conclusively understood.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the most common questions surrounding the creature:

  • Where was the Dover Demon spotted?
    • Dover, Massachusetts
  • When did people first report seeing the Dover Demon?
    • April 1977
  • What did the Dover Demon look like?
    • Grayish skin, large head, glowing eyes, thin and disproportionate body
  • Is there any photographic proof?
    • There are no confirmed or widely circulated photos
  • Could the Dover Demon be an extraterrestrial creature?
    • Possibly, some theorists speculate it is an alien


The peculiar legend of the Dover Demon endures as one of the most fascinating cryptids ever recorded. This small, frail creature exhibits a variety of abnormal features that do not fit neatly into any known species.

The consistent first-hand sightings suggest something truly paranormal occurred in Dover, Massachusetts during a brief period in 1977, though hard evidence remains elusive. Without further proof, the debate will undoubtedly continue over the potential nature and origins of the Dover Demon.

Could it have been a stray cryptid with evolutionary abnormalities? An extraterrestrial traveler? An inter-dimensional being? A demonic entity? Something else entirely? Over 45 years later, this bizarre mystery remains unsolved, ensuring the Demon’s legendary status for years to come.

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